Annual Professional Development Reserve/Intermittent In-Service


  • April 2, 2017
    4:00 am - 1:00 pm

July 2017 through June 2018

The MPTC made the following determinations with respect to mandatory statewide in-service training for all sworn officers (full-time and reserve). These blocks of training equal twenty-four (24) hours of training (if the officer attends the local option class), which means every officer will need a minimum of sixteen (16) additional hours of police-related training to meet the mandatory annual in-service training requirement:

  • Legal updates (6 hours), to include:
  • Combating Extremism and Radicalization (3 hours)
  • Domestic Violence (3 hours), to include:
  • Critical Incident Stress Awareness (3 hours)
  • Procedural Justice/Legitimacy – Part II (3 hours)
  • Defensive Tactics (3 hours), to include:
  • The MPTC will furnish at least three (3) hours of a local option (such as CPR/First Aid), if the budget allows.
    A local option is a topic chosen by the local MPTC program coordinator based upon input from area chiefs of police. Please contact your regional MPTC program coordinator if you have a suggestion for the local option in your area.

Course Cost:

$200 Payable by certified check, money order, PayPal or credit card. Those paying with credit card or PayPal will incur an additional 3% processing fee.