Lt. Shaun Wagner
Academy Director

Tyngsborough Police Lieutenant Shaun Wagner has more than 20 years of Law Enforcement experience which has achieved him the Command Rank of Lieutenant Detective In Charge of the Criminal Bureau, Narcotics Unit, and Crime Scene Investigations. Lt. Wagner is also an MPTC Instructor specializing in Use of Force, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and all forms of Defensive Tactics. He is also a member of the NEMLEC Drug and Crime Task Force, as well as their Motor Unit.

Lt. Wagner’s vast knowledge of Criminal Law, and Civil Litigation coupled with his first hand experience in Defensive Tactics through his time as a Law Enforcement Professional and his Black Belt Certifications in Brazilian Jui Jitsu & Muay Thai kickboxing make him invaluable to the real life training of future Law Enforcement Professionals.

Lt. Wagner is also a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association, who obtained his Juris Doctorate in 2008.


Sgt. Paul Cooper
Lead Staff Instructor

Sergeant Paul Cooper recently retired honorably from the Chelmsford Police Department after 32 years of service where he held the rank of Patrolman, Sergeant, NEMLEC SWAT Sniper Commander and NEMLEC SWAT Officer In Charge. Also while employed by the Town of Chelmsford Sgt. Cooper received the Meritorious Service Award, George E. Hannah Award for Meritorious Service, and the Life Saving Award.

With more than 20 years of MPTC Academy Level instruction, Sgt. Cooper has guided Law Enforcement Professionals to successful and honorable careers, spanning three different generations. This experience has continually proven to be an asset to every Law Enforcement Officer and First Responder who he has worked with.

Sgt. Paul Cooper is currently a member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, National Tactical Officers Association, and the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors & Armorer’s Association.

All Instructors employed by the Professional Officer of the Law, Institute of Certification & Education have not only been certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee but have demonstrated their proven abilities through their work as Law Enforcement Professionals.

Any MPTC Certified Instructor interested in educating future Law Enforcement Professionals, who could one day be called to their aid, please forward letters of intent, resumes, and certifications to Sgt. Paul Cooper, at